Music was a career path narrowly not chosen for me, and it remains my principal avocation. I find music (and more broadly, artistic exploration) as valid and as necessary to understanding Creation as scientific and spiritual pursuits.

Me at the Saint Mark's Flentrop organ
At the console of the spectacular Flentrop organ at a Lowell Observatory donor event at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA, July 2023. Four manuals, 79 ranks, and gorgeous acoustics…what an honor it was to play this instrument!

These pages are a rework of a former stand-alone website I created between 2006 and 2020; it was called Flagmusic and formerly resided at the URL It contained synthesizer realizations of music from Bach to Terry Riley, and I was always happy with the positive feedback it generated. But alas, the audio was served using Flash, which went defunct at the end of 2020, rendering my site unusable. I’m finally getting around to putting it back online, this time using YouTube videos to serve the audio. I’m just starting this rebuild in October 2023, and it will take some time to get everything reworked into this format. I hope you enjoy my realizations and compositions. Click any of the banners below to go to the main page for each set of works.

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